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"Oh, what is this gloomy dungeon full of orcs?" thought Billy and climbed to examine him. Billy can't fight, but ... He can dig holes! And how can this help you get through the hordes of orcs to your target ?! And what kind of goal do you have? No one knows... How much strength do you have? How many points will you collect?


1. Explore the dungeon where each next room is randomly selected. What awaits you at the door?

2. You cannot beat opponents, but you can dig a hole. Hope this helps you!

3. Get to the end of the dungeon and get your reward!

P.S: The game was made as part of jam: Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1. Enjoy! Comment and subscribe to me!


Rouge Digger.rar 15 MB


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Nice one, my highscore was 457! Most games use the holes as portals, so it's interesting that your game uses them for defence.